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ZYL Series Belt Type Press Filter Machine,Sludge dewatering machine


This equipment is the latest generation of patented dehydration equipment developed and produced by our company by introducing, digesting and absorbing Finland's advanced technology. It has the advantages of large processing capacity, high dehydration efficiency (from 0. - 83% to more than 283-5%) and low energy consumption. It not only solves the problem of material running when the traditional ordinary double mesh filter press dehydrates raw materials, At the same time, it also solves the problem of low material pressure at both ends of the net. Because the latest model has a pre dewatering net, the natural gravity dewatering area of sludge is lengthened, the Internet is not squeezed, and the mesh is not easy to be blocked by fiber and sludge. Therefore, compared with the traditional filter press, the amount of mesh and amide is reduced by more than 103-0%, and the structure is simple and easy to install. It is an ideal product for sludge filter press, black liquor extraction or slurry concentration.

Working Principle

After the concentrated sludge is fully mixed with a certain concentration of flocculant in the static and dynamic mixer, the small solid particles in the sludge agglomerate into large flocculent blocks, and free water is separated at the same time. The flocculated sludge is transported to the filter belt of concentration gravity dehydration, and the free water is separated under the action of gravity to form sludge in a non flowing state, Then, it is clamped between the upper and lower mesh belts, and gradually extrudes the sludge under the action of small to large extrusion pressure and shear force through the wedge-shaped preloading area, low-pressure area and high-pressure area, so as to achieve the maximum separation of sludge and water, and finally form a filter cake for discharge.


It is widely used in sludge dewatering treatment of urban domestic sewage, textile printing and dyeing, electroplating, papermaking, leather, brewing, food processing, coal washing, petrochemical, chemical, metallurgy, pharmacy, ceramics and other industries. It is also suitable for solid separation or liquid leaching processes in industrial production.

Technique Parameter

Model (m3/h)Productivity (kW)Power Of Motor Ai(kW) rr Compressor Powe (mm)BandWidth


(%)OutletConslsteny (mm)Length (mm)Width (mm)Helght
ZYL500 0.5-4


1.1 500 3-8 25-30 4290 900 1840
ZYL1000 3-6.5


2.2 1000 3-8 25-30 4790 1400 2040
ZYL1500 4-9.5


3 1500 3-8 25-30 4790 1900 2040
ZYL2000 5-13


4 2000 3-8 25-30 4790 2400 2040
ZYL2500 7-15


5.5 2500 3-8 25-30 5300 2900 2250
ZYL3000 8-20


5.5 3000 3-8 25-30 5300 3400 2250
ZYL4000 12-30


7.5 4000 3-8 25-30 5800 4400 2250

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