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Micro Rotary Drum Filter for Wastewater Filtration


Micro filter is a mechanical filtration device composed of main components such as a transmission device, an overflow weir water distributor, and a flushing water device. The filter screen is made of stainless steel wire mesh. The working principle is to feed the treated water into the overflow weir water distributor from the water pipe outlet, and after a brief stable flow, it evenly overflows from the outlet and is distributed on the opposite rotating filter screen of the filter cartridge. The water flow and the inner wall of the filter cartridge generate relative shear motion, with high water passing efficiency. The solid material is intercepted and separated, rolled along the spiral guide plate inside the cartridge, and discharged from the other end of the filter cartridge. The wastewater filtered out from the filter is guided by the protective covers on both sides of the filter cartridge and flows away from the outlet tank directly below


Microfiltration machine is an efficient separation equipment that is widely used in multiple fields through microfiltration technology. It can remove suspended particles, microorganisms, and harmful substances, ensuring product quality and hygiene, while also playing a huge role in environmental protection, such as sewage treatment and wastewater treatment. Microfilters can also be applied in industries such as chemical, petroleum, and metallurgy to meet the different needs of various industries. In short, microfilters are an indispensable and important equipment in modern industrial production, achieving sustainable development

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